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Today is the ten year anniversary of my very first Linkin Park concert plus meeting the band. It really doesn't feel that long ago. So thankful I got to meet the band and see them in a small 2000 capacity venue before they blew up and became the biggest band of the last decade. <3
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And because they popped up on my Tumblr feed back to back not too long ago & amused me...

And why not...
video of Linkin Park talking about Adam under here cause this is getting lengthy )
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I feel like this doesn't answer the question as well as it should, but I've delayed this final prompt enough so...

Day 30: What you love and miss most about them.

It's interesting because I don't think I realized just how much I missed them until recently.

*NSYNC was my first fandom, and when they went away so did the camaraderie of fandom. While I dabbled in Linkin Park fandom in between (one I've really gotten back in to since joining Tumblr) I didn't realize how much I missed that whole concept of fandom until that Adam Lambert dude came around. That's the only fandom that can even come close to competing with *NSYNC fandom; the constant excitement and hoopla surrounding everything is quite evenly matched.

And the vocal group "boyband" genre itself is something I didn't realize I missed until that Boyz II Men concert at the zoo last week. I moved on to rock music and pretty much quit listening to music with that sort of vocal harmonizing after *NSYNC, so hearing that music live again (with accompanying choreography) made me suddenly wish for an *NSYNC reunion when before I was indifferent to the idea. Keep the memories as they were, ya know?

I also didn't realize how much I missed learning choreography until I almost subconsciously learning the moves to Strut, Fever, and If I Had You. Basically Adam Lambert is my current *NSYNC. Without the obsession of needing every piece of merchandise I lay my eyes on and/or buying every magazine with the slightest mention inside.

Although I really really really want the bronze version of the peace pendant. Ugh, why must you be 60 dollars?!

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Jul. 4th, 2011 06:45 pm
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I love when Soulful Chaz comes out to play! And it felt so fittiing watching this livestream today as it's my ten year Linkin Park anniversary! I knew of the band several months prior but today was the day I bought Hybrid Theory! :D at all the camera screens in the crowd pan at around a minute fourty. XD

Speaking of camera screens...after wanting to get a new camera for a good three years now the one I purchased last week should finally be in my possession by the end of this week! I think my head might explode when I first use it - my current camera is only 4mp and this sucker is 16mp. It also has a focal range of 24-720mm which is insane on so many levels.

Just in time for my weekish long South Dakota/Colorado trip, which I have yet to mention on here. We intend on visiting - Denver Zoo (THEY HAVE AYE-AYE!!!), Red Rocks, The Badlands, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Memorial and of course Mount Rushmore. I also think some cave system around Custer was brought up.
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Day 07: Post a picture of the band that you've seen that gave the best performance and why

I can't pick one, but above is a collage of my unranked list of 5 all time favorites. And I'm not even gonna start explaining why for each artist because that's just asking to turn this into a 5000 word tl;dr essay.

Wait, how about I explain each one with a descriptive word or two? Whether they make sense to anyone else is anyone's guess, lol.

Plus One: lol, umm...spazzy flaily boy?
Family Force 5: pure insanity
Escape From Earth: pick/stick tricks
Linkin Park: singalong awesomeness
Adam Lambert: fierce dorkface

Oh if only you knew how many times I changed the words I used for Adam, lol.

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Day 05: Post a picture of a piece of concert memorabilia that you own

My guest pass for the Linkin Park show is still sitting on my desk, so here ya go! I rarely buy merch at shows (I have a battery powered glowstick thing from the *NSYNC show and that's pretty much it) and I've never caught a drumstick/guitar pick/setlist/whatever. I figure the ticketstub and whatever photos I took were enough of a memento. I almost cracked and bought an Adam Lambert shirt at my first show, but in the end I'm glad I didn't because a few months later I got it online for 15 bucks cheaper.

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Day 02: Post a picture of your most recent concert

January 28th, 2011 - Linkin Park at XCEL Energy Center! There were way better photos I took at this show, but I had to share this one due to the incredible feat of getting 5 out of 6 members of Linkin Park into one shot. Yes, that barely noticeable grey/black plaid totally counts as getting Mike in the shot! =P

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Amazing show as always. Very surprised by how close I ended up considering the fact that I got on the floor only 10 minutes before Linkin Park took the stage. My neck is super stiff and I have a growing bruise on my knee, but sooo worth it. And we had a great volunteer crew for Music For Relief. I knew three of them from last time so that was great. Anyway...longer recap in a few days. In the meantime here are my videos. LOVE the one for "In The End" with Mike out in the crowd. He had the biggest grin on his face as the entire audience sang and rapped along. SO KYOOT! <3

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What you would say to Adam if you met him

Considering the fact that if that were to happen it would probably be something that only allowed about 20 seconds of his time, in order to not get overly rambling (which would in turn cause me to overuse the word awesome) I would simply say "Thank you for being you. Would you please sign my unicorn?" and then pull out my Breyer Stardust model that I decided could really use the addition of Adam's signature. Generic stock photo of the model below. In real life it's a pretty pearl silver and blue. Reminds me of the American Idol Tour jacket in a way.

I also have a Cantering Welsh Pony just asking for Linkin Park's signatures. It's a nice plain white too, which makes me hope to also get a little bonus doodle from Mike or Joe. Actually I kinda of wanna gift a model horse painting kit to them both and see what awesome they come up with.

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A celebrity you’d like to see Adam sing with
How perfect that the day this prompt coincides with is also the day I'm seeing my answer in concert? :D

So yes, I would love to see a Linkin Park/Adam Lambert collaboration. Chester Bennington had been my favorite singer forever. In fact it was just to the point where I was convinced I would never find a singer I thought was better when Adam came along. And it was when I first heard Can't Let You Go that I thought the idea of a collaboration could actually work.

I imagine the collaboration sounding one of two ways. Either something like Krwlng, dramatic piano and string instruments (ala Soaked) and the two vocals blending together like how Chester and Aaron Lewis do here.

The other thought is something a bit more Fort Minor style, still piano and strings but with a stronger hip hop beat and some rapping from Mike Shinoda. Maybe something similar to High Road or Red to Black? I can totally hear Adam's voice in the chorus on both of those songs.

bonus video in which LP claim Adam stole their idea for his AMA performance )

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Jan. 21st, 2011 04:30 pm
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Woo, Linkin Park concert a week from tonight! I've been watching videos from last night's tour kick off and it's just giving me chills I'm so excited. AHH the singalongs - best concert singalongs you'll ever bear witness to. Most concerts have a song or three where there's good crowd singalongs, but with Linkin Park it's every. last. song. Even to the extent where at points the crowd drowns out the band. I know some concertgoers probably hate that, but I think it's the coolest thing in the world. Even my dad was impressed by this when he came with for my second LP show. First thing he said afterward was "Is it always everyone singing along the entire time?" Yep, pretty much.

I do wish I would be able to get close enough to really see Chester and Brad on drums (and I'm amused that Mike plays a Theremin. I love my geeky band), but by not getting to the floor until after the opening acts I kind of doubt that will happen. I'd rather get in free but be further back than my other option of not being there at all. I also realized that this will be my fourth Linkin Park concert and I technically got in free for three of them. Yay volunteering! :D
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Yeah, I've been spamming this video everywhere. Whatever, I love it. Always wanted to hear Linkin Park acoustic.

ICU lurking back there Mr. Fiore! ;P

And they're coming back to Minnesota January 28th! lol, always in the dead of winter, right? Anyway, floor and the closest seats in lower level are over 80 bucks this time around. And sense I couldn't care less about the opening acts I have already sent an email to Music For Relief about volunteering at the booth again. Volunteers get in free and, while last time I still bought myself a lower level ticket, I hope to actually use the free offer this time around.

I've been within the first 20 or so rows for all of the Linkin Park shows I've been to, even front row once; I'm sure I can deal with being way in the back this time around. Besides, I've heard that this next tour is going to have a much stronger visual aspect to it (possibly even working in awesome lasers like this and you know how I love me some lasers!) and to get the full experience of those types of shows it's best to be a bit further back.

But yeah... W00TW00T LINKIN PARK!!! :D


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