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No, and it's sunny and in the mid 40s for the high so what we do have is melting. There's barely even a dusting of snow on the ground. This is Minnesota people...last year at this time we had three feet of snow on the ground!
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lol well, considering I also live in Minnesota...

Anything above 32 degrees is not cold to me. That range between 0 and 32 depends on other factors like wind or if it's sunny. Double digits below zero is usually considered cold? 20 below with a nasty windchill is generally not all that fun. Even those days I still look forward to because it means amusing myself by chucking pots of boiling water out the window. My rule of thumb is if my nose instantaneously goes numb the second I step outside it's probably a little cold out, lol.

On the flip side, I always thought I couldn't handle anything above 90 degrees, but I remember working outside last summer thinking it didn't feel that hot and the heat index was right around 100 degrees. It wasn't tropically humid out so that's the deciding factor.
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Attempting to shovel was a lost cause in these blizzard conditions. Half hour later you look out the window and the snow drift you cleared away is back. In the very least it really wasn't that cold as long as your back's to the wind. Because seriously...being pelted in the face by snow flying sideways gets old pretty quick.

check out the patio door snow drift )


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