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For as much as I ignore this exhibit during the summer months, it's become my favorite in the winter. This guy just loves the attention! I always feel guilty when I finally have to leave.

I definitely took the time to appreciate the quiet of today sense next time I'm in it's Tropical Beach Party and that day in CRAZY busy. The only busier time of the year is during Spring Babies, but with that most guests spread out to the outdoor exhibits and don't just compact themselves into the Tropics building and no place else.

And I wonder where the giant indoor sandbox and calypso band are supposed to go. The old area is a construction zone now.

Got to see Dave and Weston do the birdshow raptor encounter thing. They are my two favorite birdshow presenters so that was awesome. Dave kept insisting everyone clap for Weston after every bird and Weston did overly dramatic bows.

I also witnessed "The Donnie Show" in the Minnesota Lodge. His demo with the skunk is HILARIOUS! He had this whole story going about running into a wild skunk and all the warning signs they give before actually resorting to spraying. Got the kids involved hissing and stomping. And he kept suddenly rushing at the kids with the skunk in his arms just to freak them out a little. Very fun to watch and the kids loved it.

And I heard Waziyata howl for the first time today! Got the coyotes going as well. I've heard her mate Orion howl, as well as the Mexican Gray Wolves, but never heard her. It actually took me a second to realize it was coming from her because of the wolf howl button the kids always push. Speaking of Wazi, they're artificially inseminating her tomorrow so fingers crossed for wolf pups in a few months!

Oh, and the two month old DeBrazza's Monkey is a riot to watch on exhibit now. It's at the point where it's starting to explore away from mom. At one point it ran down the tree to the ground when mom wasn't looking and the mama monkey went into a mild panic looking every which way for her baby. And of course the second she grabbed it and ran back up into the tree it was out and gone again, playing with the older sibling next to what appeared to be a pile of red river hog poop.


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