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Not being able to play a guitar right now has caused Kris to develop some lulzy dancing of the Adumb variety lol XD


Jan. 27th, 2013 02:44 pm
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For this current tour Kris is taking daily song requests on Twitter/Facebook and every show has a new cover song learned that day. I did request a *NSYNC medley from him at one point so I guess this is close enough? lol

Even as a Kris fan I'm a bit impressed by just how good this cover is. Love the lower register during the Timberland section (and the crowd taking over Justin's part because I love me some audience participation) and that falsetto at the end is so good!


Nov. 16th, 2012 05:07 pm
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OMG Adam is on fire during this performance. I can't...
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Have some videos from the Pentatonix concert I went to last week. SO good live! It blows my mind that an a cappella group can make the ground shake and create as much vibration in the air as a fully plugged in band. Normally from the distance I was from the stage I'd get great audio from my camera (heck, my audio from the second row of a Kris Allen show is nearly pristine) but nope. The awesome that was Kevin's beatboxing and Avi's bass vocals (I'm pretty sure he can hit notes so low only elephants can hear OMG) made it sound a lot like that time I took video at a Family Force 5 show standing two feet away from the speakers.

Watch the audience participation video for sure. I've experienced many awesome crowd singalong moments in my concert going life but never anything that good (and that in key lol). Only other concerts that come close to singalong epicness are Linkin Park's but for completely different reasons.

the girl they brought onstage to serenade during "Let's Get It On" was a riot so make sure to watch that one as well. She should be every flailing fangirl's personal spirit animal lol.
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Lance Bass and Adam Lambert talking to each other! I CAN'T

watching the bit about ostriches around 4:15 over and over again and cry laughing.

ETA and I finally deciphered what Lance said before the ostriches bit. "Do not play with the penguins because they will bite you." lol yep (be amused that the penguin at the zoo that did take a nip at me is named Lambert)

y'all got any blood?! )
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because on that day I will be seeing this dude in concert again! :D

BTW I bought a block of 4 tickets in the 3rd row and one is still unclaimed so if anyone wants it...$60 and also on the line up is Hanson(!!!!), Green River Ordinance, Ryan Star, Train, Mat Kearney, and Neon Trees.

PS if you watch the entirety of that video and still don't see a reason to go to an Adam Lambert concert there is something wrong with you. Lulzy dancing has got to be worth something right?! lol
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My personal favorite part which sums up the video nicely lol:

Basically Dark!Adam is unintentionally hilarious and Light!Adam shakes his head at his OTT petulant child having a temper tantrum ridiculousness. And facepalms a lot...

...and tries to engage him in fun games while the other continues to be all grumpy pants.

this analysis of the video is also worth sharing
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And because they popped up on my Tumblr feed back to back not too long ago & amused me...

And why not...
video of Linkin Park talking about Adam under here cause this is getting lengthy )
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lol how could I NOT post this?! XD
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Another One Bites The Dust

One of the few songs I learned to play on my flute that wasn't required music for school. :)
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Day 26: Favorite interview. (TV or print)

lol I couldn't find it on Youtube, but there was this interview on Jay Leno where Chris had a cast on his wrist and came up with this elaborate story about how he broke his wrist saving kids on a buscanoe. "It wasn't a bus it was a canoe!"

Day 27: Funniest *NSYNC moment.
umm...pretty much everything they've ever done has been pure hilarity. So here's some No Refund for your time.

full list of prompts under here )
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Day 22: Favorite solo/side project. (Anything they’ve done individually)

I'm one of the few that preferred JC's solo music over Justin's.

Chip Skylark is good times as well! ;P

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Day 20: Favorite friendship in *NSYNC

Although I started off Chris/Justin, once the On The Line era began it definitely switched over to Lance/Joey. And it's cool to see that they still hang out.

Plus Joey was the first member of the band that Lance came out to. Or I guess in his case Lance got walked in on and Joey quickly figured it out

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Forgot to do this yesterday. #woops

Day 19: An *NSYNC reunion has been announced! Make your ideal set list.
Not in concert song order except for opening and closing numbers. And yes all of the cover song medleys are necessary. ;)

Tearin' Up My Heart/I Want You Back/God Must Have Spent Medley (Pop Odyssey Tour)
I Drive Myself Crazy
It Makes Me Ill
Space Cowboy
Up Against The Wall
Falling (version where Chris gets to sing)
Gone/Girlfriend Medley (2002 Grammys but w/o Nelly)
The Game Is Over

Beegees Medley
Jackson 5 Medley
Temptations Medley
Beatles Medley

I Thought She Knew
This I Promise You/Bye Bye Bye/It's Gonna Be Me Medley (Video Music Awards 2000)
No Strings Attached

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Day 18: Favorite lyric(s).

Always loved the bit in the blues version of "I Want You Back" where they reference other *NSYNC songs. Very clever.

This I promise you, it ain't no lie; It's tearing up my heart since you said bye bye bye.

It's gonna be me that makes your loneliness stop; If you won't be my girlfriend my heart will surely pop.

No strings attached baby I want you back, but the truth remains...

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Day 17: Favorite song performed live.

I Thought She Knew and pretty much anything else they've ever sung a cappella. Beautiful harmonies!

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Day 15: Favorite choreography.

Ack how can you make me pick just one?! TOO HARD!! So instead I'm posting It's Gonna Be Me for the fact I managed to teach myself and master the choreography two hours after first seeing it on TV. Rather proud of that feat.

Although my favorite choreography to actually do is Pop. The breakdown is so much fun!

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