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AMAZING show from the band as usual. Total chaos and full on ridiculousness - just the way I like it! At one point Soul Glow was spinning around in circles on a furniture moving dolly while he sang. Later on he was strutting around on stage with a towel around his neck like a cape, then randomly brought a poinsettia plant out and just left it sitting right in the middle of the stage.

Oh, and Chapstique punched a yeti in the stomach with his guitar...

How many of you can say all that happened at your favorite band's concert? lol
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Day 08: Describe the craziest mosh pit you've ever been to

Family Force 5. Obviously a band that's lulzy insane onstage needs an equally crazy mosh pit. And I wouldn't even call it a mosh pit as it's more of a weird dance pit thing than anything else. That video above is a pretty good example on how it is.

I also recommend this video if only for the dude at the very beginning. XD

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Day 07: Post a picture of the band that you've seen that gave the best performance and why

I can't pick one, but above is a collage of my unranked list of 5 all time favorites. And I'm not even gonna start explaining why for each artist because that's just asking to turn this into a 5000 word tl;dr essay.

Wait, how about I explain each one with a descriptive word or two? Whether they make sense to anyone else is anyone's guess, lol.

Plus One: lol, umm...spazzy flaily boy?
Family Force 5: pure insanity
Escape From Earth: pick/stick tricks
Linkin Park: singalong awesomeness
Adam Lambert: fierce dorkface

Oh if only you knew how many times I changed the words I used for Adam, lol.

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