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Day 10: Post a picture video of a band you've seen the most

As far as I know this was the first show they played as a trio. And I was there third row! This was also the show where my sister and I got to hang out with them backstage before the show and we got a little private performance on the piano. *sigh* memories...

Sadly, only 6 or 7 videos exist of Plus One live. And only two are of the three-piece "rock band" Plus One while the rest are the original "boy band" Plus One. Glamberts are so spoiled with multiple videos of every show on tour and then some, lol. Anyway, I saw the boy band version twice and the updated rock band version four times.

I also highly recommend watching this video because Nate going out of his way to throw random objects onto the stage (including himself!) will never not be hilarious. Definitely my favorite of all the available Plus One footage.

And because they almost count as two separate bands, here's some video of a band I've seen in concert four times.
Or maybe I just feel like spamming Escape From Earth videos? )

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Day 07: Post a picture of the band that you've seen that gave the best performance and why

I can't pick one, but above is a collage of my unranked list of 5 all time favorites. And I'm not even gonna start explaining why for each artist because that's just asking to turn this into a 5000 word tl;dr essay.

Wait, how about I explain each one with a descriptive word or two? Whether they make sense to anyone else is anyone's guess, lol.

Plus One: lol, umm...spazzy flaily boy?
Family Force 5: pure insanity
Escape From Earth: pick/stick tricks
Linkin Park: singalong awesomeness
Adam Lambert: fierce dorkface

Oh if only you knew how many times I changed the words I used for Adam, lol.

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Day 03: Post you best concert picture

lol, is that too predictable of me? September 3rd, 2010 - Glam Nation Des Moines - PARTY ON A BRIDGE! Only concert photo I've taken in over ten years that has the performer actually looking at the camera. My second favorite photo is this series of Mike Prost action shots. My all time favorite drummer right there. I miss Escape From Earth so much! At least the former members are doing fabulously. Chris was nominated from a Grammy this year thanks to his work on a Cee-Lo track! And (funfact!) he also wrote a song for Adam! Of course it was rejected but still it happened!

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