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And because it's making me lol harcore...



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For this current tour Kris is taking daily song requests on Twitter/Facebook and every show has a new cover song learned that day. I did request a *NSYNC medley from him at one point so I guess this is close enough? lol

Even as a Kris fan I'm a bit impressed by just how good this cover is. Love the lower register during the Timberland section (and the crowd taking over Justin's part because I love me some audience participation) and that falsetto at the end is so good!
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Lance Bass and Adam Lambert talking to each other! I CAN'T

watching the bit about ostriches around 4:15 over and over again and cry laughing.

ETA and I finally deciphered what Lance said before the ostriches bit. "Do not play with the penguins because they will bite you." lol yep (be amused that the penguin at the zoo that did take a nip at me is named Lambert)

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I feel like this doesn't answer the question as well as it should, but I've delayed this final prompt enough so...

Day 30: What you love and miss most about them.

It's interesting because I don't think I realized just how much I missed them until recently.

*NSYNC was my first fandom, and when they went away so did the camaraderie of fandom. While I dabbled in Linkin Park fandom in between (one I've really gotten back in to since joining Tumblr) I didn't realize how much I missed that whole concept of fandom until that Adam Lambert dude came around. That's the only fandom that can even come close to competing with *NSYNC fandom; the constant excitement and hoopla surrounding everything is quite evenly matched.

And the vocal group "boyband" genre itself is something I didn't realize I missed until that Boyz II Men concert at the zoo last week. I moved on to rock music and pretty much quit listening to music with that sort of vocal harmonizing after *NSYNC, so hearing that music live again (with accompanying choreography) made me suddenly wish for an *NSYNC reunion when before I was indifferent to the idea. Keep the memories as they were, ya know?

I also didn't realize how much I missed learning choreography until I almost subconsciously learning the moves to Strut, Fever, and If I Had You. Basically Adam Lambert is my current *NSYNC. Without the obsession of needing every piece of merchandise I lay my eyes on and/or buying every magazine with the slightest mention inside.

Although I really really really want the bronze version of the peace pendant. Ugh, why must you be 60 dollars?!

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Day 29: Share any favorite animated gif, picture, or anything random related to *NSYNC.

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Day 28: Besides a reunion, what do you think each *NSYNCer should be doing?

Justin - he needs to be working on a new album. In other words STOP TRYING TO BE A MOVIE STAR ALREADY AND GET YOUR BUTT INTO A RECORDING STUDIO!

JC - like I said previously I actually preferred his solo stuff to Justin's so another album would be splendid. Also more writing/producing for other artists.

Joey - ya know what? the game show host thing kinda works for him!

Lance - doesn't he host a radio show on Sirius Satellite now? I can totally see that working with his deep bass voice.

Chris - anything at this point to get him out of "dropped off the face of the earth" status would be alright by me! His rock band Nigel's 11 was pretty good!

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Day 26: Favorite interview. (TV or print)

lol I couldn't find it on Youtube, but there was this interview on Jay Leno where Chris had a cast on his wrist and came up with this elaborate story about how he broke his wrist saving kids on a buscanoe. "It wasn't a bus it was a canoe!"

Day 27: Funniest *NSYNC moment.
umm...pretty much everything they've ever done has been pure hilarity. So here's some No Refund for your time.

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Gonna do a bunch today just because I keep forgetting to do it daily. Plus these three have short answers, so...

Day 23: Favorite quote(s).
I'll go with the first one to pop into my head which happens to be one of Justin's lines from Armagedd'nsync:

"We may not have much experience driving your fancy rocketmobiles or blowing up asteroids, but when it comes to poppin' fresh dance moves this is the best rag tag group of pretty boys on the planet!"

Day 24: Is it *NSYNC or ‘N Sync? How do you write it?

*NSYNC, duh! What kind of sorry excuse for a fan spells it 'N Sync? ;P

Day 25: Have you met anyone in *NSYNC?

Nope! #sads

Although the day before one of their shows locally I had this strong urge to go to the zoo. A few days later I learned that Chris and Joey (I think it was Joey?) were hanging out at the zoo on their day off. Bummed that I totally could've gone and run into them, but I suppose I would've been more upset if I had been there at the same time but didn't see them at all.

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Day 22: Favorite solo/side project. (Anything they’ve done individually)

I'm one of the few that preferred JC's solo music over Justin's.

Chip Skylark is good times as well! ;P

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Day 21: Favorite relationship an *NSYNC member had, or has.

Pop royalty.

and to this day I still lol over the matching denim.

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Day 20: Favorite friendship in *NSYNC

Although I started off Chris/Justin, once the On The Line era began it definitely switched over to Lance/Joey. And it's cool to see that they still hang out.

Plus Joey was the first member of the band that Lance came out to. Or I guess in his case Lance got walked in on and Joey quickly figured it out

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Forgot to do this yesterday. #woops

Day 19: An *NSYNC reunion has been announced! Make your ideal set list.
Not in concert song order except for opening and closing numbers. And yes all of the cover song medleys are necessary. ;)

Tearin' Up My Heart/I Want You Back/God Must Have Spent Medley (Pop Odyssey Tour)
I Drive Myself Crazy
It Makes Me Ill
Space Cowboy
Up Against The Wall
Falling (version where Chris gets to sing)
Gone/Girlfriend Medley (2002 Grammys but w/o Nelly)
The Game Is Over

Beegees Medley
Jackson 5 Medley
Temptations Medley
Beatles Medley

I Thought She Knew
This I Promise You/Bye Bye Bye/It's Gonna Be Me Medley (Video Music Awards 2000)
No Strings Attached

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Day 18: Favorite lyric(s).

Always loved the bit in the blues version of "I Want You Back" where they reference other *NSYNC songs. Very clever.

This I promise you, it ain't no lie; It's tearing up my heart since you said bye bye bye.

It's gonna be me that makes your loneliness stop; If you won't be my girlfriend my heart will surely pop.

No strings attached baby I want you back, but the truth remains...

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Day 17: Favorite song performed live.

I Thought She Knew and pretty much anything else they've ever sung a cappella. Beautiful harmonies!

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Day 16: Favorite costumes/outfits.

LOVE the marionette costumes! :D

Jackson 5 medley costumes are good times as well.

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Day 15: Favorite choreography.

Ack how can you make me pick just one?! TOO HARD!! So instead I'm posting It's Gonna Be Me for the fact I managed to teach myself and master the choreography two hours after first seeing it on TV. Rather proud of that feat.

Although my favorite choreography to actually do is Pop. The breakdown is so much fun!

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You know how yesterday I said I should make a Tumblr or something dedicated to *NSYNC merchandise?

Day 13: Have you been to a concert or performance?
Day 14: Favorite tour or concert.

Decided to lump these two together. I 've been to only one *NSYNC concert, and that was the Minneapolis stop of the Pop Odyssey Tour on June 24, 2001. I also saw JC Chasez perform solo at KDWB's Jingleball December 8, 2003.

And Pop Odyssey is my favorite tour because, duh, I went to it! Plus there were mechanical bulls on stage and how can you not love a tour with that level of ridiculousness? lol

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Day 12: *NSYNC merchandise you still own.
lol basically I never got rid of any *NSYNC merch I acquired over the years...
I am such a hoarder lol )

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Livejournal was being fail last night so never posted one of these yesterday. Because of these missed days I'll probably end up doubling up a few prompts later on.

Day 11: Favorite song on Celebrity.

Pop, which also happens to be my favorite *NSYNC song overall. :)

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