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Have some videos from the Pentatonix concert I went to last week. SO good live! It blows my mind that an a cappella group can make the ground shake and create as much vibration in the air as a fully plugged in band. Normally from the distance I was from the stage I'd get great audio from my camera (heck, my audio from the second row of a Kris Allen show is nearly pristine) but nope. The awesome that was Kevin's beatboxing and Avi's bass vocals (I'm pretty sure he can hit notes so low only elephants can hear OMG) made it sound a lot like that time I took video at a Family Force 5 show standing two feet away from the speakers.

Watch the audience participation video for sure. I've experienced many awesome crowd singalong moments in my concert going life but never anything that good (and that in key lol). Only other concerts that come close to singalong epicness are Linkin Park's but for completely different reasons.

the girl they brought onstage to serenade during "Let's Get It On" was a riot so make sure to watch that one as well. She should be every flailing fangirl's personal spirit animal lol.
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Another One Bites The Dust

One of the few songs I learned to play on my flute that wasn't required music for school. :)


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