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Not being able to play a guitar right now has caused Kris to develop some lulzy dancing of the Adumb variety lol XD


Jan. 27th, 2013 02:44 pm
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For this current tour Kris is taking daily song requests on Twitter/Facebook and every show has a new cover song learned that day. I did request a *NSYNC medley from him at one point so I guess this is close enough? lol

Even as a Kris fan I'm a bit impressed by just how good this cover is. Love the lower register during the Timberland section (and the crowd taking over Justin's part because I love me some audience participation) and that falsetto at the end is so good!
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Kradam, Bradam, or Lambliff?

Kradam. No contest. Although Bradam is adorable and the Lambliff fan service is amusing (I must admit I was pretty much indifferent to Tommy's existence up until early September when I spent an evening staring at his hair billowing in the Des Moines breeze. He hypnotized me with his pretty hair, y'all!), there's just something special about the Kradam dynamic. Plus there have been a few key Kradam interactions identical to Bennoda and you know how I love me some Linkin Park.

head kisses and sneak attack hugs for comparison )

full list of prompts )
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Seriously, if you watch this entire video & don't end up loving him just a little bit there's something wrong with you. This is how I like my bacon *draws diagram* and the photos of Keith Urban & Antoine Dobson taped up in his bunk! lol, he's so random! XD
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Yay, I actually got this recap thing all put together in under a week! \0/
The person that actually sings it is Prince, so... )


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