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I suppose the most notable collection is my model horses as they take up the most space and are more of a hobby than simple collection. My biggest involvement has been in model horse pedigree assignment, researching pedigrees to find hypothetical parents for each model. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to genotypes/phenotypes and other genetics related stuff so I really enjoy that. I also dabbled in model horse customization, photo shows, and making in scale tack & other props. So proud of my 1/12 scale western saddle! :)

I have a ton of Minnesota Zoo related stuff. Everything from those elongated pressed pennies to a retractable tape measure with the zoo's name on the side of the case. Still bummed I wasn't able to snag that golfball with the zoo's logo on it from eBay several years ago. My favorite piece is an old "Master Plan" booklet for future phases to be built at the zoo back when it first opened in the 1970s. Very interesting to see maps of what they intending on adding that never happened. Like that musk ox exhibit seemingly in the middle of nowhere? Initially that was to be the start of a tundra/arctic trail that just never came to fruition.

I also have a vast collection of *NSYNC memorabilia that I refuse to part with. Marionettes, bobbleheads, afghan blankets, necklaces, videos games, and everything in between. I actually really want to catalog and photograph everything to post online or something. I bet by collaborating with other fans we could build an entire online index of all *NSYNC merchandise ever released.
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What you would say to Adam if you met him

Considering the fact that if that were to happen it would probably be something that only allowed about 20 seconds of his time, in order to not get overly rambling (which would in turn cause me to overuse the word awesome) I would simply say "Thank you for being you. Would you please sign my unicorn?" and then pull out my Breyer Stardust model that I decided could really use the addition of Adam's signature. Generic stock photo of the model below. In real life it's a pretty pearl silver and blue. Reminds me of the American Idol Tour jacket in a way.

I also have a Cantering Welsh Pony just asking for Linkin Park's signatures. It's a nice plain white too, which makes me hope to also get a little bonus doodle from Mike or Joe. Actually I kinda of wanna gift a model horse painting kit to them both and see what awesome they come up with.

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I've had this idea in my head for years now to customize a model horse to look just like the pegasus (pegacorn?) in this painting that I have loved for years. Some reason I woke up Friday morning with the sudden urge to finally make this custom a reality. The horse body has been sitting on my bookshelf, original mane and tail removed and seams sanded, for probably five years now.

I've never done any customization other than simple repaints, so I was surprised and how quickly the mane and tail took shape. Probably took four hours tops to complete them both. Still have to create the horn/forelock area and of course the wings.

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