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Picture is from their post on Zooborns, but I got to see and pet these adorable balls of fluff today while in Zoomobile's office and ZOMG SO CUTE!!!!

I was working the outdoor information booth on the upper plaza during a birdshow and I could hear was Dave's voice projecting across the zoo grounds and all I wanted to do was drop everything a go. I only managed to go to one birdshow this summer when normally I see one every single week. At least that one show was a Dave show? Of course he randomly started talking in a Jersey Shore accent and was fist pumping but it was a Dave show so I wouldn't expect anything less lol!

For the first time in probably ten years I may not be going to the Labor Day birdshow. The "spectacular" aspect has gone downhill over the years (basically ever since Dave quit participating in them) where comparatively the Halloween themed birdshows have gotten more and more epic. I hope they bring back the Harry Potter show from a couple years ago because Weston as Harry and Rebecca as Hermoine was A+.

Speaking of birdshow I got to view an advance copy of the fall Zoo Tracks newsletter and there's lots of birdshow between an article by Kam (I discovered her full name is Kamerie. I did not know that.) about her trip to South America to the fact the staff profile is on Dave. I was interested to learn (and yet was not even remotely surprised) that he initially was planning on getting into music before the whole birdshow maestro thing fell into his lap. In fact the thought of working at a zoo didn't even cross his mind until after seeing a birdshow at the zoo. Which is kinda funny as I never really went to that zoo a ton myself until I saw my first birdshow and then suddenly I was going all the time just to see that birdshow. Visiting more often is what made me decide to start volunteering, and volunteering is what got me into photography. So basically - yay birdshow! :D

I don't know if it's noticable from this entry, but there's this one dude at the zoo named Dave that I've pretty much hero worshiped since I was like 13 years old. Can you tell? lol
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There's a couple temporary guests in the Mexican Gray Wolf exhibit. The Dakota Zoo in Bismarck, ND had to evacuate many of their zoo animals due to the threat of flooding. Minnesota Zoo got several of their animals but the wolves are the only ones visible to the public. They're both females and one has been here in the past (probably from that group of girls they tried to integrate into the pack a few years ago) but that's all I know about them. To the untrained eye I'm sure a wolf is a wolf, but to me these girls look so different compared to the wolves the zoo used to have, especially in the face.

Saw my first new "dolphin training show" in the morning. It really focuses on everything that goes into training dolphins. I personally liked how they showed the audience how to do the hand signals. Still nothing compared to the shows back in the days when they had 6 dolphins jumping out of the water in tandem, but once you get that idea out of your head it's a really well put together show.

Had a break timed up perfectly to check out the Odessa puppet show. Really only to get a look at the new indoor birdshow theatre but the show was really cute as well. The puppets are really nice, sorta reminiscent of the puppets from The Lion King stage show but instead of African Savannah animals it was sharks and sea turtles and African gray parrots (and a rhinoceros hornbill randomly thrown in with the tropical African animals which confused me but whatevs).

And the new theatre is so pretty! Can't wait to see my first show in there. It'll be interesting to discover my new "spot" because I'm very Sheldon Cooper when it comes to where I sit at the indoor shows lol!

Ooh, and before and after the show they showed short "at the zoo" video segments on the big screens on the back of the stage. They had a fun one of Dave lure flying the peregrine falcon in some field/parking lot area. I was all "Yay Dave!" and had to keep my inner fangirl in check due to the sudden onslaught of awesome.
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For as much as I ignore this exhibit during the summer months, it's become my favorite in the winter. This guy just loves the attention! I always feel guilty when I finally have to leave.

I definitely took the time to appreciate the quiet of today sense next time I'm in it's Tropical Beach Party and that day in CRAZY busy. The only busier time of the year is during Spring Babies, but with that most guests spread out to the outdoor exhibits and don't just compact themselves into the Tropics building and no place else.

And I wonder where the giant indoor sandbox and calypso band are supposed to go. The old area is a construction zone now.

Got to see Dave and Weston do the birdshow raptor encounter thing. They are my two favorite birdshow presenters so that was awesome. Dave kept insisting everyone clap for Weston after every bird and Weston did overly dramatic bows.

I also witnessed "The Donnie Show" in the Minnesota Lodge. His demo with the skunk is HILARIOUS! He had this whole story going about running into a wild skunk and all the warning signs they give before actually resorting to spraying. Got the kids involved hissing and stomping. And he kept suddenly rushing at the kids with the skunk in his arms just to freak them out a little. Very fun to watch and the kids loved it.

And I heard Waziyata howl for the first time today! Got the coyotes going as well. I've heard her mate Orion howl, as well as the Mexican Gray Wolves, but never heard her. It actually took me a second to realize it was coming from her because of the wolf howl button the kids always push. Speaking of Wazi, they're artificially inseminating her tomorrow so fingers crossed for wolf pups in a few months!

Oh, and the two month old DeBrazza's Monkey is a riot to watch on exhibit now. It's at the point where it's starting to explore away from mom. At one point it ran down the tree to the ground when mom wasn't looking and the mama monkey went into a mild panic looking every which way for her baby. And of course the second she grabbed it and ran back up into the tree it was out and gone again, playing with the older sibling next to what appeared to be a pile of red river hog poop.
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Current photo in the lead in the Barnyard Animals category for the zoo's official photo contest. My photo is also a finalist in this category, was running in first on day one of voting in fact, but this photo is my second favorite photo of the entire competition and I would rather see it win anyway. My favorite photo in the entire competition, and what I hope wins the grand prize, is this awesome coral reef photo. LOVE IT! Actually was my desktop wallpaper for a week or so.

Anyway...I've been doing a terrible job updating this month, haven't I? Today at the farm was the one day all summer absolutely all the volunteers were present, and so it was group photo day. I bring my tripod and we set up on the farmhouse staircase. Four of the volunteers were afternoon arrivals, so they were photographed separate and I get to put my horrible photoshopping skills to work combining us into one photo. Goody.

Read the latest guest comments during lunch. I had a good time reading all comments flowing with praise at how awesome the bird show and Dave is. And then there was a quick glimmer of jealousy that these people actually got to see Dave do a show for once. Only one Dave show all year while with some trainers I've seen them do the show half a dozen times. The shows are still great without Dave but man, are they absolutely amazing with him. That's the only time you get dueling parrots, random "Pants on the Ground" references, imitations of vulture food, superhero strongman skits, bad British accents (well, besides that one entirely Harry Potter themed birdshow lol), OTT facial expressions and enough ridiculousness to make me nearly fall to the ground crying with laughter.

I also ushered two concerts this month. Last week was George Thorogood and the week prior? HANSON! One of the most interesting shows I've ushered at the zoo yet. Number two right behind Reel Big Fish. I mean really - you know you're in for a treat when most of the ushers come dressed like this. I just wish I had gotten the pigtail memo. It was also the only time I've ever seen a line before doors at a zoo show. And they were there lining up since 3 in the afternoon! In the heat and humidity and pouring rain. For a reserved seating show! Hanson fans are hardcore, y'all!

nearly getting struck by lightning for MMMBop - totally worth it! )

9 more days until I'm seeing Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta in concert again!! SQUEEEEE!!!


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