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Dec. 21st, 2011 04:35 pm
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I just realized I've never mentioned my Etsy store on here! I sell affordably priced feather jewelry, although currently there are recycled belt bracelets and a macrame necklace for sale as well. I started off working with turkey plumage, rooster hackles and colorfully dyed guinea hen feathers, but recently added peacock and pheasant feathers to the mix.

And I usually spend more time photographing the items than it takes to make them lol!

Here's the store: http://graffitisky.etsy.com
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I would have liked to keep her mane and tail blue to match my Xweetox on the actual Neopets game, but I felt like it would take away from the color in the jacket so instead Jazzmattaz got a dark brown dye job. ;P

Next I think I'll draw Monte as a Yurble and maybe Tommy as a Cybunny? lol
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I've had this idea in my head for years now to customize a model horse to look just like the pegasus (pegacorn?) in this painting that I have loved for years. Some reason I woke up Friday morning with the sudden urge to finally make this custom a reality. The horse body has been sitting on my bookshelf, original mane and tail removed and seams sanded, for probably five years now.

I've never done any customization other than simple repaints, so I was surprised and how quickly the mane and tail took shape. Probably took four hours tops to complete them both. Still have to create the horn/forelock area and of course the wings.

wing sketches and inspiration painting under here )


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