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basically this whole Three Stooges shtick for Cuckoo is my new favorite thing XD


Nov. 16th, 2012 05:07 pm
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OMG Adam is on fire during this performance. I can't...

Hey Adam?

Nov. 13th, 2012 06:37 pm
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Stryper called. They want their outfit back. ;P


And look - Adam finally got himself a "straight" jacket like he always wanted lol

Apparently they covered Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way" at this show but I haven't seen any videos of it yet *sads*
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Lance Bass and Adam Lambert talking to each other! I CAN'T

watching the bit about ostriches around 4:15 over and over again and cry laughing.

ETA and I finally deciphered what Lance said before the ostriches bit. "Do not play with the penguins because they will bite you." lol yep (be amused that the penguin at the zoo that did take a nip at me is named Lambert)

y'all got any blood?! )
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This photo of mine is a finalist in the zoo's 2012 photo contest. Voting is through Facebook and ends tomorrow, September 28th, at 11:59pm central time. Voting link: scroll down to the Tropical Animals category. Thank you so much!

some Twirly!Adam for your time =P
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I wasn't close enough to the fence to get anything signed but I was like three feet away from Adam Lambert's face for a few seconds and it was glorious! It's not the meet n greet passes I was trying to win but it's better than nothing!

And I had a blast hanging out with [ profile] noapologiesx all weekend! So much fun to meet in person after knowing each other online for so long. I truly hope it can happen again someday. <3
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Some lambies for your time...

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the radio station in Des Moines is holding a "Go Glambert For Lambert" contest where basically you dress up like Adam and the winner gets a pair of passes to meet Adam. I have to submit my photo by Friday morning and online voting starts Saturday. Just gotta pick which one...

...although I did tweet the radio station asking if that collage counts as one photo/image therefore allowing me to enter all of the outfits into the contest lol! ;P
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...and why I'm both excited and terrified over what he might wear when I see him in three weeks lol! XD
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because on that day I will be seeing this dude in concert again! :D

BTW I bought a block of 4 tickets in the 3rd row and one is still unclaimed so if anyone wants it...$60 and also on the line up is Hanson(!!!!), Green River Ordinance, Ryan Star, Train, Mat Kearney, and Neon Trees.

PS if you watch the entirety of that video and still don't see a reason to go to an Adam Lambert concert there is something wrong with you. Lulzy dancing has got to be worth something right?! lol
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My personal favorite part which sums up the video nicely lol:

Basically Dark!Adam is unintentionally hilarious and Light!Adam shakes his head at his OTT petulant child having a temper tantrum ridiculousness. And facepalms a lot...

...and tries to engage him in fun games while the other continues to be all grumpy pants.

this analysis of the video is also worth sharing
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obvious answer is obvious lol


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