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Whatever tickles your fancy (post whatever you want!)

Aww, last day...I don't want it to end! Especially fun to see what was similar or different to others on my f-list also completing the meme. Anyway, have a random photo from the 2010 SAG Awards red carpet. One of my favorite Adam photos.

I've heard there is also a "30 Days of Kris Allen" meme. Once I find the full list of prompts I plan on doing that one as well. :)

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What you would say to Adam if you met him

Considering the fact that if that were to happen it would probably be something that only allowed about 20 seconds of his time, in order to not get overly rambling (which would in turn cause me to overuse the word awesome) I would simply say "Thank you for being you. Would you please sign my unicorn?" and then pull out my Breyer Stardust model that I decided could really use the addition of Adam's signature. Generic stock photo of the model below. In real life it's a pretty pearl silver and blue. Reminds me of the American Idol Tour jacket in a way.

I also have a Cantering Welsh Pony just asking for Linkin Park's signatures. It's a nice plain white too, which makes me hope to also get a little bonus doodle from Mike or Joe. Actually I kinda of wanna gift a model horse painting kit to them both and see what awesome they come up with.

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A celebrity you’d like to see Adam sing with
How perfect that the day this prompt coincides with is also the day I'm seeing my answer in concert? :D

So yes, I would love to see a Linkin Park/Adam Lambert collaboration. Chester Bennington had been my favorite singer forever. In fact it was just to the point where I was convinced I would never find a singer I thought was better when Adam came along. And it was when I first heard Can't Let You Go that I thought the idea of a collaboration could actually work.

I imagine the collaboration sounding one of two ways. Either something like Krwlng, dramatic piano and string instruments (ala Soaked) and the two vocals blending together like how Chester and Aaron Lewis do here.

The other thought is something a bit more Fort Minor style, still piano and strings but with a stronger hip hop beat and some rapping from Mike Shinoda. Maybe something similar to High Road or Red to Black? I can totally hear Adam's voice in the chorus on both of those songs.

bonus video in which LP claim Adam stole their idea for his AMA performance )

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Something that reminds you of Adam

Various woodland creatures? lol, seriously he does tend to get this very predatory wild canine/feline look from time to time. It's all in the eyes. In fact when I made eye contact with him at the show in Des Moines it felt the same as getting the stare down by a tiger or a leopard at the zoo. Such intensity!

Anyway, I had some fun creating some side by side comparison shots using a few photos I took at the Minnesota Zoo (and one at International Wolf Center). And I'm sure if I took the time searching out wildlife photos from outside sources I could find even better comparisons.

Think I should submit any of these to Totally Looks Like? Maybe just the goofy faced ones?

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A picture of Adam that makes you laugh

To get the full Adam Lambert concert experience one has to be at least close enough to properly watch for his facial expressions. lol, what can I say? He makes some epically lulzy faces. XD

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Your favorite picture of Adam before Idol

Kind of the number one reason why I hope Adam switches it up from the black hair at some point. And this color is reasonably close to his natural hair color. I'm also a strawberry blonde, and in winter (when I'm not in the sun as much) it darkens up and I can almost pass for brunette.

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Something you absolutely love about Adam

"Adam Lambert is what would happen if David Archuleta woke up one day and decided to start playing Rockstar."

I remember reading that comment back when Adam was still competing on Idol (someone from ontd_ai maybe?) and it quite effectively describes my favorite thing about Adam. While many only seem to think of him as this "controversial rockstar" persona, Adam really has this endearing childlike innocence to him. Just an excitable happy ball of love and positive energy. Recently I also read someone calling Adam an exclamation point in human form. lol, so true!

Oh, and he's an adorkable goober that doesn't take himself too seriously, which is pretty much my favorite kind of person. <3

I'm also gonna drop this article right here. Definitely fits in with the prompt and, not gonna lie, made me tear up a bit reading. You can tell the author is someone that actually gets it.

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A movie/play you’d like to see Adam in

Here's my obligatory "Adam would make an awesome Rum Tum Tugger" comment. It was someone else that originally suggested the idea as a comment on the "Crawl Thru Fire" Youtube video way back when, and the idea hasn't gotten out of my head since. Tugger's entire attitude is perfect for Adam. Rockstar cat with some Elvis swagger. Definitely has the hips for it, lol! XD

For a movie maybe something set in the Victorian era? Ooh, or steampunk! Definitely some sort of steampunk movie!

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Kradam, Bradam, or Lambliff?

Kradam. No contest. Although Bradam is adorable and the Lambliff fan service is amusing (I must admit I was pretty much indifferent to Tommy's existence up until early September when I spent an evening staring at his hair billowing in the Des Moines breeze. He hypnotized me with his pretty hair, y'all!), there's just something special about the Kradam dynamic. Plus there have been a few key Kradam interactions identical to Bennoda and you know how I love me some Linkin Park.

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Day 06: Your favorite Adam quote

This is a toughie, Adam is such a quote machine. You know that's true when when the official fanclub has an entire sub-forum titled "Inspirational Quotes." Went with a serious quote for this one, choosing one of his responses to the protests and hate directed toward him. I also adore the Inspirational Speaker Adam moments at live shows. <3

I'm also a fan of the classic "Is is smog that makes everything look that way? Or is it glitter?" and of course "MY JACKET!" lol

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